You’re about to take the hot seat in front of a panel of judges. Are you ready? Are you sure?

Call Lawfinders today and leave nothing to doubt. Our appellate experts can help you thoroughly prepare for your oral argument and maximize your presentation. We can help you master the record and relevant cases by developing answers to the toughest questions your panel could ask.

We can provide you research on any and all recent developments in the case law and organize the relevant cases in easy-access notebooks.

We also can help you prepare an affirmative presentation by developing an outline of your argument. In our experience, outlines are superior to speeches, as you are likely to be interrupted several times during your argument. An outline ensures you make all your important points, while simultaneously giving you the freedom to answer questions from your panel.

Research Updates

There is nothing more embarrassing than getting surprised by the presiding judge or your adversary with a case that was decided between briefing and oral argument.

Lawfinders can update your research to ensure you are aware of any and all developments in the case law. We can also provide neatly organized notebooks of all the relevant cases relied upon by both you and your adversary to make the most of your preparation time.

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Likely Questions

When you face a “hot bench,” you’ll need to be completely prepared for whatever the judges may throw at you.

Mastery of the record and the relevant cases can be achieved by developing answers to the toughest questions that the panel may ask.

Lawfinders’ Questions from the Bench service will give you the opportunity to develop and practice your answers before you face the tough questions from the panel.
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Argument Outline

Lawfinders can help you prepare and optimize your affirmative presentation. We’ll help you develop an outline, as opposed to a speech, because we recognize that you will likely be interrupted many times during your argument.

Having an outline works to increase your confidence and ensures that you make all your important points, while answering every question posed by the panel.

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